New 42 series application! Laser oxide removal

Timesavers already offers a wide range of deburring machines. However Timesavers has developed a new brush to remove the oxide skin from laser-cut steel. This brush is designed to be used with the 42 series Rotary Brush machines, combining the exc...More

See the Timesavers 81 serie at work!

The innovative Timesavers 81 serie is the perfect machine to grind various types of metal with amazing precision! We could tell you how this machine does its grinding and why it works so perfectly. However we think it's much better to just show...More

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RB Series

42 RB 1350 series

The Timesavers 42 Rotary Brush (RB) 1350 series, winner of the Red Dot design award 2016, is Timesav...More