Timesavers Boeck brushes for metalworking to replace deburring brushes. Brushes are important in metalworking because they help create a certain radius or surface on a metal part. This can be useful for aesthetic purposes, such as a non-visible finish or a large radius of at least 2 mm.


Deburring brushes


Boeck GmbH realises economic standard solutions or well thought-out individual solutions, tailor-made for the customer. The basis is formed by the identification, evaluation, development, improvement and integration of the latest product and production technologies, which set new standards. Therefore, Boeck brushes for Timesavers machines make the perfect deburring brush replacement to keep your machine running smoothly and efficiently.

Unique R+ Brushes

One of our standout offerings is the R+ series of deburring brushes, designed for use with the 32 and 42 RB series. These high-quality brushes allow for effective deburring, rounding, and machining of various types of metal. What sets the R+ brush for deburring apart is its exceptional performance, enabling double the radius and double the feed rate while maintaining the same lifespan as our standard Timesavers brushes.


*Suitable for all 42 RB machines and 32 RB machines with serial numbers: 2633 | 2632 | 2626 | 2635


To learn more about the capabilities of our R+ brush for deburring, please refer to our detailed brochure.

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Double the radius
Double the speed
Trusted quality

Regular brushes

Alongside our R+ Timesavers brushes, we offer a comprehensive range of brushes for deburring with the Timesavers 22/32 series. This brush for deburring is specifically designed to effectively deburr, grind, and finish various metal types. Please note that the brushes listed below are suitable for machines ordered before July 2021. For machines ordered after this date, we recommend using a R+ deburring brush replacement.


*Suitable for all 22 RB machines and 32 RB machines with serial numbers: 2598 | 2575 | 2592 | 2587


To learn more about the capabilities of our Timesavers brush for deburring, please refer to our detailed brochure.

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Superior performance

Grinding discs

The compact Timesavers 10 series is renowned for its ability to deliver superior surface finishes. Our range of deburring brushes for the Timesavers 10 series ensures the highest quality surface finishes across a variety of applications. Our 10 series deburring brush replacements are designed for easy use, low cost, and unparalleled versatility, allowing you to achieve exceptional results in your metalworking endeavors.


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Easy in use
Low cost

Brush holders

In order to keep the workplace organised, we offer brush holder in various sizes as a convenient storage place. We recommend these holders to anyone who uses multiple sets of brushes for applications or different metals.

Organised workplace
Easy storage


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