Heavy slag, also known as dross, is basically molten metal on parts that are produced during thermal cutting operations: oxy-fuel, flame cutting and plasma cutting. In order to remove the heavy slag on plasma or oxy-fuel cut parts, Timesavers developed the Hammerhead. More information can be read on the knowledge base page about heavy slag removal.

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Dross removal with the innovative solution of Timesavers
Heavy slag is emerges during flame or plasma cutting, Timesavers developed a new head that is capable of removing heavy slag in one single pass, called a Hammerhead. The hammers are steel pins vulcanized in rubber, mounted in a row on a slide. The mounted pins are slightly staggered on each of the 6 slides, to ensure that all parts to be machined are hit by at least one pin.
Edge rounding in combination with heavy slag removal in one pass
By adding a Hammerhead to the current machine versions it's now possible to remove the heavy slag from flame or plasma cut parts in combination with uniform edge rounding in one pass. This combination adds to the high quality of the products.

Save time with our solutions for plasma slag removal

Save time with our solutions for plasma slag removal

What normally would have been done with a chipping hammer or with the help from an angle grinder, is now done with the Hammerhead. The Hammerhead is available on two deburring machines: the 22 and the 42 RB series. To ensure less downtime, the slide with pins can be reversed or the complete slide can be changed easy and fast.

The pins hammer the slag of the parts by an counterclockwise movement of up to 22 m p/secs/min to guarantee an optimal dross removal. The Hammerhead is a fast and effective solution for the removal of heavy slag. Out of all power tools, the Hammerhead is capable of even removing heavy burrs. In need for slag grinding machines? Request a quotation via the link below.

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At Hanse Staalbouw in Nieuwerkerk, Zeeland, you’ll see nothing but happy faces. The family-owned company, a specialist in the construction of complete commercial buildings in the agricultural, industrial and non-residential sectors, is always looking for ways to improve efficiency –and has now found a great contribution: the 22 series with Hammerhead unit from Timesavers.

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