After 27 years of working at Timesavers International – of which 23 years as managing director -, it is time for Paul Hartendorp to retire. With enthusiasm and dedication, he fulfilled his role. Though his adventure at Timesavers will end in October this year, the company will always be a part of him. With new challenges ahead, Frans Huvers, his successor, will start in October. Meet the new Managing Director at the Blechexpo in Stuttgart from 7 to 10 November.

Timesavers International BV, is a manufacturer of industrial wide belt sanding machines, with customers all over the world. It all started in 1939, as Linden Machine factory in Rotterdam. The focus was on wood working machines only and later in the 1970s also on machines for the metal industry. Around 1965, the company moved to Goes in the province Zeeland. Eventually Linden Machines merged with Timesavers USA in 1996, and adopted its current name.


Been there from the start

The current Managing Director, Paul Hartendorp, has experienced the integration of both companies from the very beginning. He made many a strategy change, to bring it – together with all employees -, to what it is today; the largest and leading manufacturer of this type of machinery on the world market, if not the most experienced. Together with the US parent organisation, they account for over 70 Mln Euro of machines. Timesavers is part of an American holding: InCompass, Manufactured Growth Solutions.


Change of course

In the early years of the millennium, Timesavers International changed its course in the European market. It started to focus entirely on metal. Over the years that followed, the company managed to secure a leading role, which it still holds today. Being the first to launch a new generation of machines in 2010, the rotary brush machines, has significantly changed the industry over the past 10 years. It brought deburring, finishing and edge rounding within the customers’ capabilities.


Red Dot International Design Award

In 2014, the machines underwent a radical makeover. The focus was no longer solely on the technological aspects of the machines and machining, but also on its ergonomic and aesthetic design. This resulted in the prestigious “Red Dot” award of 2015, for the best industrial design in the machine industry.


Expanded product portfolio

Over the recent years, Timesavers has continued to expand its product portfolio. With such a broad machine range, there is a solution for every customer requirement. The working widths of the deburring and finishing machines go from 300 mm up to 2100 mm (or even 2600 mm for precision grinding). The combination of applications can be used for any type of metal, such as aluminium, stainless steel, steel, copper and even parts with protrusions or protection films.


Precision grinding

In addition, the company is active in the market for precision grinding. It started in 2005 and has grown to include outstanding projects for large leading companies in Europe, the US and China. Meanwhile, it has established itself among traditional milling machines and stone grinders, in a number of niche markets.


Everything comes to an end…

Not for Timesavers, but for Paul Hartendorp. After 27 years, of which 23 years as Managing Director, he will hand over the baton to his successor Frans Huvers on the 1st of October. From then on, Paul will finally have the opportunity to start with the large number of trips while he is still fit and healthy. There are so many things to do from his bucket list, which he never got around to in all these years. The first trip is already scheduled for the 5th of November, so he will not get much time to ‘grieve’.


Timesavers runs through the veins

For Paul, it will be quite a strange situation since Timesavers and Goes has been his second home for so long. Paul: “Every day I still go to my colleagues and work with dedication and great pleasure. 27 years ago, I never expected to stay with this company this long. It has gripped me, like it has gripped so many of the colleagues. And once it does… it does not let you go.” And this can be confirmed. It showed in 2021, when Timesavers International celebrated its 25 years anniversary. During that year, 22 employees had been with the company for 25 years. Especially in these times, it is rare. Yet at the same time, it is proof that Timesavers runs through the veins of the people here.


Ongoing opportunities

All those years, Hartendorp has run the company as an SME family business. “The fantastic American Holding has always given us room to develop and expand. Where else do you experience that?” says Paul. For the managing director it is the perfect timing to leave the company. It functions in top condition and numerous further opportunities lie ahead. “I will never forget these years, and I cherish all the memories I have gained here.”


The new Managing Director

His successor, Frans Huvers, is a real technician and engineer from the start. He has a lot of experience, including various management positions at machine building companies in the Netherlands. Of course, he also stands his grounds internationally. He has known Timesavers for some time, having (obviously) bought a machine from the brand in the past, at one of his workplaces. Like the company and most of the colleagues here, he is a true Zeeuw (someone originally from Zeeland).


Exciting challenge

Frans will face the challenge of taking the company through the next phase of growth. The company is already operating in various parts of and markets around the world. The following step is increasing the market share as well as opening up existing markets.


Luctor et Emergo

The motto of the Dutch province Zeeland is “Luctor et Emergo”. This means: I struggle and overcome. And this beautifully describes the mentality and doing of Timesavers International. In short, an enormously innovative and technical company that launches new products and enters new markets year after year.