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The perfect uniform edge rounding
Various developments inside the sheet metal industry and influences from outside the industry, make product edge rounding / radiussing increasingly important.
Radiussing up to 2 mm
Such as, for example coating or painting requirements, food safety requirements and in the health and safety production environment
Laser oxide removal and creating a radius in one pass
It's now possible to remove the laser oxide skin from laser-cut steel in combining with uniform edge rounding in one pass

Why is edge rounding important?

  • Risk of injury during assembly and use of the product
  • Coating quality
  • Protection of machines that process the product
  • Food safety requirements (related to bacteria)
  • Cost-cutting (automation of manual processes)

Perfect edge rounding up to a radius of 2 mm


Haptic finish in garden metal

For the production of garden objects and street furniture made of various steel sheets, Thumm Technologies GmbH uses, among others, multi-rotary brushing machines from the Dutch manufacturer TIMESAVERS

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