“Definitely the market’s roughest deburring machine” was the simple message from general manager Børre Lobekk at Nordic Steel AS when he was asked to describe the experiences with a newly purchased Timesavers deburring machine.

When the Machine Register recently visited Nordic Steel AS in Bryne, we got to see the beautiful new premises. The steel company has also invested heavily in production environments and machines. One of the machines is a Timesavers 42 series supplied by iTec AS.

“Best on the market – because our customers deserve it”. It was natural to look at the new machine and hear what experiences have been gained.
– We wanted a solid machine with a large capacity. Only the best was good enough for us. We often have customer requirements on radius 2, which means very nice corners and edges. It requires advanced machines to deliver this quality with good productivity, says Lobekk, and continues:
– I do not want to say that the machine is among the cheapest, but this is definitely the best machine on the market. Nordic Steel must at all times be in the top tier, and work every day to streamline operations and be cost-effective for our customers. We are very pleased with the upgrade and not least the high productivity.