New 42 series application! Laser oxide removal

Timesavers already offers a wide range of deburring machines. However Timesavers has developed a new brush to remove the oxide skin from laser-cut steel. This brush is designed to be used with the 42 series Rotary Brush machines, combining the exc...Lire plus

Press release: the Krones Group, specialized on sheet metal working

Read a press release about one of our customers, the Krones Group, written by Dieter Schnee. Specialized on sheet metal working Edge rounding: Innovations ensure fast market success The Krones Group, hea...Lire plus

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La machine d’ébavurage de la série 32 et la machine de finition en acier inoxydable

La machine 32 serie est une machine compacte, travaillant à sec pour l’ébavurage, le polissage e...Lire plus