Timesavers Update Covid-19

Dear relation, At the moment we are all dealing with the spread, consequences and measures concerning the Corona Virus. We as Timesavers also feel it is our duty to contribute to this. For the safety of us, but also for you. We have therefore t...Lire plus

Participation of Timesavers at the Technishow in Utrecht and the Tolexpo in Paris will be postponed.

Given the legitimate concern raised by the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19, the postponement of a lot of exhibitions has taken place. The Tolexpo which was initially scheduled for the 31st of March to the 3rd of April has been put back to the 2...Lire plus

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La série 72, une ligne sec complète « bobine à bobine »

Nous proposons notre série 72 pour la finition des rouleaux de tôles. La machine a une vitesse de...Lire plus