When you hear the word ‘steel’, you immediately think about its strength. Not a surprise, since steel is primarily composed of iron and carbon. The amount of carbon determines the strength and hardness. This metal is commonly used in construction, infrastructure, automotive and manufacturing industries. That is due to its high strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. Find out why deburring steel is essential, what you should consider when deburring and how the Timesavers machines can help you.

Cutting process of steel

Steel is one of the strongest materials and can endure high temperatures. Although a laser can cut more precise, a plasma cutter is more affordable and can cut through thick sheets of steel. After the cutting process, the parts are left with burrs or even dross, rough edges and other imperfections. Steel deburring is an important step in assuring the safety, functionality and appearance of the final product. Rough edges can cause injuries during handling, interfere with assembly, or compromise the structural integrity of the steel. Deburring is therefore an essential part of the machining process.

The right deburring tool for flat steel

But how to choose the right steel deburring machine? Timesavers International offers a range of grinding machines that are designed to effortlessly remove burrs from a metal part. From deburring steel to deburring stainless steel and other types of sheet metal. Anything is possible.

One of the first things you need to consider is the number of applications you desire. For every application, we offer a different deburring tool, such as abrasive belts, rotary brushes, hammerheads and so on. The combination of deburring tools make a machine configuration. You can always contact Timesavers for your all-in-one solution.

The choice of transport belt on the machine is dependent on whether you need to remove large burrs (slag). Timesavers has multiple options for a transport table. Sticky belts, black belts or vacuum tables. Moreover, steel has the advantage that it is magnetic. Because of this, thicker parts of 50 x 50 mm can be kept in place during the deburring process by a strong magnetic track.

Advice: Decide on the required machine applications and keep in mind your product dimensions. This helps you in finding the right machine. Find your machine by answering these 5 simple questions.

Overview of Timesavers machinery

Overview of Timesavers machinery

From entry-level deburring machines to large rotary brush machines for edge rounding. From small finishing machines to coil-to-coil finishing lines. The options are limitless.

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The tooling for deburring steel

A deburring machine for steel can be equipped with grinding belts and abrasive brushes. The most common abrasives that are used for processing such sheet metal are aluminium oxide, zirconium or ceramic. These belts can clog when oily parts are processed. For this reason you should always clean the parts that are greasy. Not to mention that oil can be flammable during processing.

Advice: What are the results you want to achieve? Self-explanatory, for a fine finish you need to use a finer grit.

Pressure and speed

Luckily, steel deburring is the easiest compared to other metals. Steel does not bend as easy as aluminium or stainless steel, and thus you can lower the speed without too much concern. Slowing down the speed can also help you to increase the radius when you have a rotary brush machine. A bigger radius on sheet metal is necessary in offshore, pharmaceutical and food industries.

All in all, it is good to know that you can adjust the speed to suit other applications, such as edge rounding or finishing.

Mild steel contains a much lower level of carbon. As a result, the burrs are much softer than the ones of steel. Nonetheless, deburring mild steel requires no other techniques than deburring steel. Grinding belts are strong enough to easily slice through the different materials.

Advice: Adjust the settings for deburring in a way that matches the other applications in the machine.

Deburring machine with dust extractor

The dust that is produced during steel deburring should be extracted from the machine. It is combustible and thicker residues like slag can smoulder if it is not extracted. To prevent any fire hazards, we offer dust extraction solutions with HEPA filter. The wet separators from Absaugwerk GmbH are of high quality. It filters the dusty air and separates the substances.

Advice: Make sure to equip your deburring machine with a reliable dust extraction.

Our partnership with Absaugwerk GMBH

Our partnership with Absaugwerk GMBH

Absaugwerk is supplier for extraction solutions at Timesavers. The RB series range consists of high-quality extraction solutions for the protection of people, machines and the environment in the manufacturing industries.

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Deburring machine for steel

Timesavers has a broad range of machines that can take care of deburring steel. For any size of company, any kind of budget. An all-in-one solution for deburring, edge rounding and finishing your steel products or only a grinding solution… you decide! Contact our Timesavers specialists for advice on what cost effective machine will fit your requirements.

For all your questions

For all your questions

Are you curious about the tooling that is available for Timesavers machinery? Or would you like to know which deburring tool is right for your application? Ask your questions! Our team will gladly advice you and help you further.

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Why deburr steel?

After the cutting process, steel is left with rough edges and other imperfections. This is not safe, nor do the burrs contribute to the strength, quality or functionality of the part. That it why it is desired to grind the surface and make the part safer to handle, perform better, look better and last longer.

What is the best deburring tool for steel?

A wide belt grinding machine removes the burrs in a fast and consistent way. These machines are available in different sizes and can be executed with additional tools to round edges and apply a finish.

What tooling can be used for deburring steel?

Grinding belts and abrasive brushes are excellent for deburring and rounding edges of steel parts. These are available in different minerals and grit sizes, from coarse to fine. Contact our specialists for custom advice.

What speed should I use for deburring steel?

Luckily, steel is easy to deburr. It does not bend as easy as aluminium or stainless steel. This means you can lower the speed without too much concern. Decide what radius you would like on your product before you set the speed.

Can I deburr greasy steel parts?

It is not recommended to deburr greasy steel parts. The grease and oil will clog the abrasive belt, making it hard to continue grinding. Not to mention that the oil can also be flammable. Therefore, clean the steel parts before deburring and clean the belt every now and then.