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42 RB 1350 series

The Timesavers 42 Rotary Brush (RB) 1350 series, winner of the Red Dot design award 2016, is Timesavers most popular solution for customers who require a deburred part of the highest quality and most beautiful finish. The 42 RB 1350 is the solution for manufacturers that choose for premium quality finish for there products.

Rotary Brush of Timesavers International
This is accomplished using a multi-directional brush machine, with eight heads, that uniformly deburrs and finishes the edges of laser-cut, punched, and machined parts in one pass. Providing even, controllable edge radiusing in all directions on flat, shaped,  plasma cut, punched, machined parts or 3D parts. The Rotary Brush will deburr edges of small and large parts without harming surface coatings such as cladding, zinc, or laser film.

Number of heads: 1-4
Head types: rotary brush, drum
Machine widths: 1350 mm
Abrasive brush size: 350 mm
Number of brushes: 8
Quick change brush mounting
0-100 mm bed opening
0,6-8 m/min feed speed, 2,6 KW
Up to 11 KW main drive motor
180 mm diameter adjustable contact drum
Vacuum conveyor bed is standard

Contact Timesavers for machine options and dust collection
Uses: Metal Finishing, Deburring and Edge Rounding

Standard execution:
– Centralized control panel under 450 with simple set-up
– Motorized table opening for work pieces 0-100 mm
– Rotary brush head carrousel with 4 clockwise and 4
– Frequency controlled conveyor speed 0.5-8 m/min
counterwise rotating brushes
– Window doors and illuminated machine interior to
– CE
– Observe and control process
– Extremely long lifetime of brush tooling
– Led bars on infeed and outfeed side that shows machine status
up to 3000 hours (low tooling cost)
– One or two abrasive belt contact roller heads available
– Vacuum table with access for internal cleaning
– Quick tool exchange system for brushes and
abrasive belt

– Removing burrs from laser, plasma, flame, water-jet
– Flat, shaped and 3-D parts with pockets/protrusions
cut parts, punched, machined and routed parts in one pass
– Pre-grinding of heavy burrs and surface finishing
– Stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, copper, etc.
– Processing of mixed materials with suitable wet dust collector
– Deburr zintec (standard and AF), galvanized, plated,
– Processing of small parts 50×50 mm possible with standard vacuumtable
aluzinc, light alloy, plastic and film coated, without
coating damage, including ink marked parts
– Even, controllable edge radiussing for e.g. aerospace,
catering, medical industries

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