Webinar 3 november 09:00 CET: How to effectively remove heavy slag of plasma cut steel parts?

In this webinar we’re going to dive into the ins and outs of heavy ‘slag’ removal until fully radiused part, ready for painting.

Plasma cutting machines are producing a heavy burr, this burr is often called ‘slag’ and needs to be removed. Often this is done by hand, which is not efficient because:

  • Slag removal by hand is very time consuming
  • Handling the parts by hand is labour intensive work
  • Quality is not consistent
  • Tooling cost when using a flex is quite expensive

During the webinar we are going to discuss the creation of slag, the evolution of slag grinding, the development of the Hammerhead and we are doing a live demo.

Timesavers area sales managers, Oscar & Ronald will zoom in on heavy slag removal- from the raw product, via pre-treatment, to applying the radius. A practical introduction into the possibilities that our Timesavers machines offer.

If you would like to join the webinar on Tuesday 3 November at 09:00 CET. Please register below:

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