Webinar: Effective precision grinding of sheet metal live at van Geenen

Date: 01-06-2021

Time: 09:00-10:00 CET

Precision grinding is the removal of material from the surface of a metal workpiece. There are several types of precision grinding machines available such as milling, stone grinding and abrasive belt grinding and each method has its characteristics. We would like to share our knowledge about precision grinding with the Timesavers 81 series by a live webinar at van Geenen Metal Finishing. This company put the world’s largest precision grinding machine into operation in the beginning of this year.

In this webinar Piet Kooman (marketing & sales director Timesavers) and Bart van Geenen (Owner Van Geenen) will explain the differences between these methods, more in-dept information about abrasive belt grinding and the functionality of a precision grinding machine. Besides that, they live showcase how van Geenen uses the 81 series precision grinding machine to optimise, broaden and increase their production.

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Van Geenen B.V. Metaalfinishing looks to the future with Timesavers

Van Geenen B.V. Metaalfinishing looks to the future with Timesavers

The recent arrival of an 81 series wide belt precision grinding machine at metal polishing and finishing specialist Van Geenen has had an immediate impact. Through improved capacity, productivity and overall capability the Rijssen, Netherlands-based company is opening up new business opportunities.

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