If you google the term ‘Grindingmaster’, you may have noticed that Timesavers International pops up on your page. Where does the name come from? And why is it associated with Timesavers now?

It is not without reason that we tell the world about our 80 years of experience while we work under the name Timesavers for just 26 years. Back in 1939 the company Linden Machines was founded in Rotterdam. It started out as a repair shop for woodworking machinery, but Arie van der Linden soon started specialising in sander machinery. By 1963 the wide belt grinding machines were added to the machine range and throughout the years the company started working on metal processing machines too.

Linden Machines started building machines for the wood working sector, that they called Sandingmasters, and the machines for the metal industry were called Grindingmasters.

Timesavers by Grindingmaster

The Sanding- and Grindingmaster machines were world leading and well-known for their solid construction. Eventually in 1996 the company was taken over by Timesavers. This made Timesavers the biggest manufacturer of wide belt grinding machines in the global market. This explains why it says ‘Timesavers by Grindingmaster’ on machines that were made in the years after the takeover.

Let us take a look at the most common Grindingmasters.

Grindingmaster 2000

The machines of series 2000 were available at affordable prices and provided efficiency for even the smallest metal workshops. These machines were suitable for several hours of work per day. It is comparable to the 22 series of Timesavers now.

How Grindingmaster became Timesavers 4

Grindingmaster 3000

The Grindingmaster 3000 was the model MCSB or with two brushes / B2. It was a rugged and more versatile machine that could work 2 to 3 shifts. This one is comparable to the 42 series of Timesavers.

How Grindingmaster became Timesavers 6

Timesavers Grindingmaster 4000

The Timesavers Grindingmaster 4000 is one of the first grinding machines with the former Timesavers logo on it. It could be equipped with grinding belts or deburring brushes.

How Grindingmaster became Timesavers 7

Service for Grindingmaster

Even though Timesavers does not sell Grindingmaster anymore, the service and parts for these machines are still offered. The service engineers travel worldwide to provide support for the companies that are still working with the Grindingmaster.

Timesavers 62 series

In the photo below you can see the Timesavers 62 series finishing machine for metal. The Timesavers colours were already used here, but “Timesavers by Grindingmaster” was still mentioned.

How Grindingmaster became Timesavers 8

Timesavers deburring machines

Today we specialise in the development and manufacture of a wide range of sheet metal working machines, from standard deburring machines to special coil-to-coil finishing lines.

The 10, 12, 22, 22 RB, 32 RB and 42 RB series can deburr and finish sheet material from 50 x 50 mm to 1600 mm wide sheets. The RB series offer the solution for manufacturers who supply premium quality products. This top quality is achieved through a rotating abrasive flap brushes that deburr uniformly and round the edges of the metal perfectly. At the moment we have three RB machines in our product range. The 22 RB series is ideally for small parts up to a 600 mm width. The 32 RB series is suitable for parts with a width of up to 1100 mm. The largest rotary brush machine is the 42 RB series that can process small and large parts up to a 1600 mm width. It can be difficult to decide on the width of the machine. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a width that can process one of the largest products from your product range.

Timesavers finishing machines

Of course, we also still produce complete finishing lines for stainless steel coil to coil or grinding machines that grind stainless steel or aluminium sheets. We have divided these machines into the 62 and 71/72 series. When buying a finishing machine, it is always important to choose a machine that is able to produce the right type of finish. For example, a no. 3, no. 4 or Hairline finish. Do you want to know more about the types of finishes that can be applied on metal?  Check our page about finishing or surface roughness to learn more.

Precision grinding or calibrating machine

We also produce since 2012 precision grinding machines under the name: 81 series. This wet working precision grinding machine uses wide grinding belts to grind materials such as titanium, molybdenum, stainless steel, aluminium/nickel alloys, carbon steel and more to a predetermined thickness. The 81 series is able to grind with a tolerance of up to 0,02 mm.

How Grindingmaster became Timesavers 10