Mechanic at Timesavers

Tevfik Gus worked already as a technician before he started at Timesavers. Back then, he had the shift of fault technician one week per month. During such a week, there were no fixed working hours. And so he was sometimes called in the middle of the night to solve a breakdown. That made him start at Timesavers more than 10 years ago. He enjoys the work as mechanic in final assembly. And of course, there is just one shift. Exactly what he was looking for.

Tevfik likes to build the machines. Gus: “I like every task within this job. You get to work independently, which is nice.” When a machine is almost finished, there is always some adjustment work to do. This is also where Tevfik comes in. Because all the rotary brush machines that are produced in Goes, need to be checked.

In his spare time, Tevfik loves to cycle. And though he used to like running, he now switched to taking walks. If you have ever been in Zeeland before, you know that that’s no punishment… considering how beautiful the landscapes are.

What advice Tevfik would give to others? “Keep looking for ways to improve. Keep asking questions. Not only for your own benefit, but also to get better as a team.”