Webinar: Reduce 50% of the deburring time with the best abrasive technology by Timesavers x Boeck

Date: 7-9-2021

Time: 9:30-10:30

The abrasive technology used to deburr sheet metal could be of great impact on the process. Only the best machine will not get you the desired result. The combination of the best machine and the best tooling makes the process successful. Variables such as material, grits and flaps affect the operation of the abrasive tools therefore, the right knowledge about this material can bring many benefits.

Jochen Boeck (CEO of Boeck) and Piet Kooman (Sales director Timesavers) will explain during the upcoming webinar on Tuesday 7 September at 09:30 CET all the ins and outs of abrasive materials and tell you how to reduce 50% of the deburring time by using the right abrasive technology.

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This webinar will also be held in German at 13:30 CET, click here to subscribe. An overview of all webinar can be found on the webinar page.