Online meetings. Haven’t we had enough of that during the last four years? What a relief it is, to finally be able to meet again. In person. To welcome everyone from different countries. To discuss the products, the developments and experiences. To hear about each other’s ideas and visions.

For two and a half days we had the privilege to come together with our Timesavers dealers. A group of people from worldwide, with one goal… to represent Timesavers machines as best as possible! And together we are doing such an amazing job! Because as a team we have been able to grow, to become this top brand in grinding machines. We have the best customer base all over the world. A long time expertise and experience, which makes it possible to do continuous developments. And we keep learning from each other. We keep the discussions going.


In order to keep everyone up-to-date about the tooling and handling solutions we offer, we invited our partners. First Jochen Böck, owner of Boeck GmbH. Who did a presentation on new deburring brushes and specifications of the grinding minerals. The new brushes, R+ brushes as we call them, have more grinding power. They make it possible to increase the radius and the transport speed at the same time.


Dominik Seibold and Tobias Mändle from Absaugwerk GmbH gave insight into what dust extraction possibilities there are that match the Timesavers product range. A powerful dust extractor is not only essential for the safety and health of the employees, but it is also better for the deburring machine itself.


Martin Zwaart from 3M Abrasive System Division came to Timesavers with his colleagues Martin Breemer and Thomas Vogel. He explained the differences between the available abrasive belts, as well as the advantages of their Precision Shaped Grain. This new developed grain improves the productivity and can lower the overall grinding costs.

AMI Förder- und Lagertechnik

Olaf Zurheide and Dennis Haase from AMI Förder- und Lagertechnik showed their conveyor solutions that can be added at the front and back of Timesavers machinery. One of which is the return table, to bring the sheet metal parts back to the front of the machine. This way, a machine operator does not have to constantly walk back and forth to continue his work.


And lastly, Eduard Servitja and Ignasi Sellares from Autopulit, our Spanish Timesavers dealer, presented their weld dressing robots. The robotic cells are custom made and guarantee a constant finishing of products with geometric variations. Now that is something else!

And more…

After the presentations, we went on with the factory tours in Kruiningen and Goes. Our own production facilities. Here we also did some demonstrations on the machines in our product range. In the evening we had time for some fun, relaxation and good food. From an Oysterfarm tour and tasting oysters, to a canal cruise through the beautiful old centre of Middelburg.

Check out the aftermovie of our Timesavers Dealer Days!