Engineer at Timesavers

Koen became part of the engineering team after he had completed his graduation internship five years ago. As an engineer, his job mainly involves drawing the mechanical part of machines. The one in the background is the 22 RB series that he has designed. The young engineer has also contributed a lot to the optimalisation of the large 81 series precision grinding machine, by designing a new mist filter box among other things. Because the manufacturing of the Timesavers machines is done in Goes, he can easily walk around, see what makes a machine as efficiently as possible, and implement those improvements in other designs. “I like that the manufacturing is in the same building, so you can immediately see that what you have drawn, can also be made.”

Why he likes to work at Timesavers? “The challenge and the colleagues made me want to keep working here”, Koen said.

One of his hobbies is forging knives, for which he uses his own forge fire. That certainly requires some skills if you ask us. He is also up for a game every now and then, and does a fight sport called Taekwondo.

Koen’s advice to other engineers is to spend a few days at the production factory. It is easy to design something, but to actually make it is another story. “It is also important to involve others in what you are doing, when it is relevant for them too. Make sure there is good communication.”