When purchasing a Timesavers machine, a long lasting and optimal use of your machine is guaranteed. With our 80 years of experience we are continuously optimizing our customer’s experience.

Machine setup

All Timesavers machines have a strong and reliable construction that is fully equipped for heavy duty processing of various materials.

Machines’ capacity

The machine’s working width ranges from 225 up to 2600 mm and is therefore able to process several products at once. The number of products being processed per hour depends on the speed of the transport belt and brushes. The machines are engineered to work in 8 hour shifts. During these shifts every 4 hours an automatic program ensures a machine cleaning.


The lifespan of the machine is influenced by whether it is a wet or a dry working machine and how often it is used. Several proud Timesavers customers have been working with the same machine for 10 or even 15 years.


The machines are equipped with high quality belts and brushes to meet even the most demanding requirements and highest standards. The rotary brushes can last up to 3400 hours, whereas the conveyor belt can even last for 12 years. Timesavers closely collaborates with its  tooling suppliers to be on the top of the market and ensure constant innovation.

Service support and maintenance

Timesavers offers back up support via our service department directly or via the worldwide dealer network, to ensure the long lasting quality of the machine and help customers whenever questions arise. Check here what Moba has to say about our service and our long-standing relationship. Our service department, can be contacted by using our online contact form service.

Spare parts

Replacement with new original Timesavers tooling and components ensures a high quality production process. These tools and parts can be acquired through our Timesavers spare parts department, by using our online contact form spare part.


Timesavers provides a specialized machine training for the employees that work with the machine. This training ensures the same level of proficiency of the machines’ users, which contributes to obtain the best result out of your machine. Moreover it helps to prevent misuse or mistakes that could damage the machine or tooling.  Contributing to this, the machine owner and or users can increase their level of machines’ knowledge and even learn about machine upgrades by viewing one of the several educative webinars.

What Moba says about the tooling and lifespan