Timesavers International is specialised in building machines for deburring, edge rounding, laser oxide removal, heavy slag removal, finishing and precision grinding of sheet metal parts and plates. The company started as Linden Machine Factory in 1939 and merged with Timesavers USA exactly 25 years ago. Therefore, its 25th anniversary is celebrated this year.

25 years of Timesavers International



With more than 80 years of experience, Timesavers has achieved great success throughout the years. Especially because of the advance in technology they have been able to develop a new leading deburring process, the rotary brush machine. In 2016 they have even won the Red Dot award for the 42 RB series. Timesavers is constantly looking for improvement and works on innovations to increase productivity and ease of use for their customers. They are currently working towards operator-independent machines and helping businesses to automate their business.

Additionally, Timesavers started with online webinars to inform customers and dealers about the latest innovations. Not to mention, one-on-one live demonstrations, during which the customer’s parts are processed to discover the desired applications. The online efforts make it easier for customers receive help with their search for a suitable machine solution.


The wide range of machines, from small manual grinders to very high-end machines, are all developed in-house. Each machine is equipped with a PLC and HMI, and to optimize screen control Timesavers has introduced an HMI with pictograms.

Timesavers Academy

Moreover, the company has successfully developed complete machine training programmes for customers, agents and partners. The training teaches all the ins and outs of machine operation, installation, maintenance and tooling. By knowing the machine’s capabilities, maximum results can be generated.