Timesavers offers a wide variety of machines that are easy to set up and can be supplied with convenient attributes. The range of machines varies from small table-sized manual deburring machines to factory hall filling automatic finishing and precision grinding machines. In order to promote ease of use, we value the following aspects of Timesavers machines:

HMI control panel

The RB series, finishing and precision grinding machines from Timesavers are equipped with an HMI control panel by Siemens. This control panel shows the different heads of the machine and allows the user to control them separately from each other. The dust extraction and cleaning table can be activated via the buttons on the screen as well. Moreover, the height of the table and the speed of the belt can easily be adjusted. By using the latest technologies it is possible to create automatic programs with one button, for products that have identical dimensions and requirements. This is saving time in the future, as the settings do not have to be inserted again.

The control panel setup can be specified exactly according to the customers wants and thus they are available in several layouts. All values can be changed on the touch screen, which can be preprogrammed for example to choose between metric and imperial system.

Control panels of deburring machines from Timesavers

Splitting processes

Because the machine heads can be controlled separately, it is possible to split processes and use only one head or two heads. This is a flexible way of working, where the required application(s) can be applied to one type of product. For example, when you have a deburring machine with a grinding belt and rotary brushes for your products, but you wish to round edges of zinc-coated or foiled parts. The belt would normally grind the surface and remove the coating or foil, thus it is best to only activate the rotary brushes.

Timesavers' machines for optimal ease of use

Easy tooling change


The tools of the machines, such as the grinding belts and deburring brushes, are easily changed. Within a couple of minutes, an aluminium oxide belt can be replaced for a silicon carbide belt. Additionally, there are different types of brushes, so when a customer is switching the production of steel to aluminium metalwork, it is possible to change the set of brushes within no-time.

Automatic cleaning cycle of the vacuum table

The complete range of rotary brush machines for deburring have an automatic cleaning cycle of the vacuum table installed to ensure the safety and quality of the work. After every shift of four hours, the vacuum table will clean itself, which is beneficial, because you will not need to remind yourself to clean the machine. Moreover, it is possible to add a brush to the machine, for the cleaning of the conveyor belt.

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