Manually loading and unloading a deburring machine is labor intensive when the machine is operating all day. Therefore, it could be an option to add robotics that take over the work. A robot can drastically increase throughput.

What does the robot look like?

The robots are like arms that pick up the parts and put it at the right location. They can be added to the front and the back of the deburring machine to fully automate the process.

Automation of deburring machine with robots


  • Robots can work faster and longer than a human operator. They only need a break for maintenance.
  • The operators of the robots do not need any specific knowledge on the system or programming, thus it is easy to use.
  • The robots are capable of stacking the parts at the right location and is very flexible.
  • Metal parts that are heavy can be more easily handled and the safety increases because there are no employees that need to be near.


Robotic arms can be used to efficiently load and unload the deburring machines. Nowadays, the technology is advanced and thus the programming is simple and done in no time. The robots take over the easy work of putting products on the conveyor belt and storing the final products, so that your employees can be assigned to the work that requires more specific skills and knowledge, as for instance bending or welding.

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