Online showroom: 22 series WRBW for deburring, edge rounding, finishing, and laser oxide removal

We are proud to show you our latest development, the 22 series 600 WRBW. This compact 600 mm wide machine contains all the impressive technological and mechanical developments that have proven themselves in the larger 32 and 42 series deburring machines, such as a uniform and even result, even wear of the tooling, high production capacity, and industry 4.0 functionalities. The 22 series WRBW is now the most compact rotary brushing machine with premium Timesavers deburring, rounding, and finishing results.

In this video our Area Manager Oscar Salet will demonstrate the 22 series WRBW.


Laser oxide skin can be removed using laser oxide brushes, in this video Oscar demonstrates how to use this kind of brushes on the 22 RB series.