For this new edition of Global industrie, you will find Timesavers machines in action in hall 6 on stand J57 of our French agents CIPR and MTI Engineering.

The latest version of the compact 32 RB series rotary brush machine will be presented. The popular rotary brush technology is the perfect solution for creating a uniform radius on all edges of sheet metal parts up to a width of 1100 mm. It is even possible to combine edge rounding with oxide removal on steel parts or to perform orbital machine brushing. It is also possible to achieve a large radius, 1.5 to 2mm, with 60-grit brushes. It is an energy and consumable-saving machine: the cost of consumables for deburring is less than 1 euro per hour.

The 22 series 900 machine will also be presented. With a working width of 900 mm, it is an excellent solution for high-quality deburring and rounding for all budgets and capacities.

Finally, you’ll find the entry-level economical deburring model, the 10 series Manual Grinder. This ergonomic solution is 3 to 4 times faster than hand deburring and can be used by all operators. Equipped with four wheels, this machine is easy to move around the workshop. Its head, consisting of a deburring head for pre-deburring and a flap brush for finishing and corner rounding, can be rotated 180°. This rotating head makes it easy to change units. This means that you can switch from deburring to finishing in a matter of seconds.