Process automation is becoming increasingly important. Robots are more often used to take heavy work off our hands. At the beginning of June, Timesavers visited Teqram in Zwolle, together with German dealer 1A-Maschinen and the customer company Quadrus. Teqram, part of Tollenaar Industries, develops software and vision guided robot systems that are controlled by a camera.

Robots are increasingly being used to automate processes involving the handling of heavy products. Think for example of a robot that fills the machine or Teqram’s well-known EasyFlipper, with which products can be turned over easily and quickly. All these solutions are primarily aimed at working more efficiently and relieving the workers. In this way, the craftsmen can be deployed elsewhere in the process where their skills are most needed.

Robotic deburring process

Tollenaar Industries also holds a sheet metal working company called Tosec. This is where the idea for automation originated and where, among other things, the Timesavers 42 RB series can be found; a rotary brush machine for deburring and rounding edges to a radius of 2 mm. Loading and unloading such machines is labour intensive and could easily be taken over by a robot. Therefore, at the front and back of the deburring machine, there is a robotic arm that can lift up to 100 kg. The products are located by means of EasyEye, the camera system that controls the robot. The grippers then pick up the parts from the pallet and place them on the infeed table of the machine. The second robot takes the parts from the conveyor belt and stacks them neatly back on a pallet. See video of the stacking process here below.


Automation at Quadrus

The visit is not without reason. Quadrus has been a Timesavers customer for more than 20 years and has recently invested in two 42 RB series, with extraction equipment from partner Absaugwerk. The German-based company has several laser machines connected to a fully automated warehouse. However, the new deburring machines are not yet part of an automated process, so a visit to Teqram and Tosec provided the necessary insights.

Timesavers deburring machine: 42 RB series

One of Timesaver’s best-selling deburring machines is the 42 RB series. It is the largest RB machine with Timesavers’ popular rotary brush technology. With a working width of up to 1600 mm and an optional magnetic track, it is excellent for processing both small and large metal parts. Equipped with a carousel of eight rotating flap brushes, the machine can achieve uniform edge rounding to the desired radius. In addition, the sanding brushes can be used for a directionless finish or replaced by metal wire brushes for laser oxide removal.


The relationship between Timesavers and Andreas Artinger, the owner of 1A-Maschinen, has existed for many years. The German dealer takes care of Bavaria, Austria and recently also North Rhine-Westphalia. Besides the Timesavers deburring machines, they also offer other equipment for metalworking, from laser cutters to sheet levelling machines to sanders.

Are you curious about the possibilities for automation in your production process? Or are you interested in a suitable solution for your deburring process? Then do not hesitate to contact us!

Automation of deburring process with robotic arm