Meet Wim van Dalen, Area Sales Manager 4

Our – almost – pensionary Wim van Dalen, Area Sales Manager

For twenty years, Wim worked at Timesavers with great enthusiasm. When he started, he sold the smaller deburring machines like the 12 and 22 series. Thus, he travelled to different countries worldwide. Only later was he assigned an area: Eastern Europe and later also the UK. At that point, Wim started selling the other, larger deburring machines as well. Enjoying the good atmosphere, the contacts with the dealers and the production process from A to Z in-house.

Van Dalen: “Sometimes you have to put quite some effort into selling a machine. For example, when there is a lot of documentation involved. But once the project is completed then, it gives a very rewarding feeling.” It can also be different. He recounts, for example, a large RB machine that was sold to someone without having had any contact prior to the sale.

One advantage of Timesavers is that it is located near the city centre. That means: going for a walk through the city every lunch break. Wim is going to miss those walks though…. Or rather, the cheese he always bought from the market. And the new clothes he occasionally shopped for during the break.

Knowing Wim, he is not going to sit still during his retirement. For instance, he has plans to do some work around the house, build a log cabin with his sons and sail in the Netherlands, but even more around Ibiza and Mallorca in the Mediterranean Sea. And, of course, most importantly: staying healthy.

Naturally, we asked Wim for his favourite saying or advice. We got back not one, not two, but six sayings. So yeah… which one should we share? Well, the one that really typifies him. Literally translated from Dutch: “Without friction no shine“. The meaning is similar to the one of “A gem cannot be polished without friction”. Well, that’s exactly what matches perfectly with our machines.