Meet Ron Moerman, foreman electro

Ron is the foreman of electro and has been working at Timesavers for 5 years now – or should we say 16 years? When he finished school his career started at Timesavers. Eventually, after 11 years, he left to become a truck driver. Although enjoying the work, he still agreed to come back many years later, when Timesavers asked him to. Even after that time of being away, there were still familiar faces. Ron enjoys the work and atmosphere here. He is proud to have become a foreman within the last 5 years. “I like the fact that I work together with a nice group of people to keep the place running.”

During free time, Ron likes to play music and recently started presenting on the radio at Omroep Tholen. He is a good singer and even sings in bands every now and then.

Good communication within the teams is key for the work to go smoothly. Therefore, Ron’s motto is: “You have to do it together, not alone.” We believe we could wrap this up with saying that teamwork makes the dream work.