Meet Eddy Eversdijk, team leader machine factory 1

Eddy started at Linden machines in 1985 and continued working here after the takeover by Timesavers. So he already has 37 years of experience at this company. During the first few years he worked as a machine operator and then gradually progressed to become a machine factory team leader. He has now been team leader for more than 30 years.


Eddy makes sure that everyone knows what to do and that the right parts are made for the machines. The people Eddy works with are very important for him. One of the things that Eddy is proud of, are the investments in new machines that optimise the production process. “This way you see that you and the team are really appreciated.”


When Eddy is not working, he likes to go for a ride on his mountain bike or, during holidays, to go camping since he has a camper. The Ardennes is a beautiful area for this. By now he nearly knows the trails there by heart.


Something that Eddy finds important is the way you treat other people, especially your colleagues. “Approach people in a casual way and accept everyone as they are. Think about how you would like to be treated, then treat others that way as well.”