Looking for a fast and effective solution for the removal of heavy slag?

Than our new Hammerhead aggregate might be interesting! This aggregate consists out of replaceable flexible pins to remove the heavy slag on plasma cut steel parts. The pins hammer the slag of the parts by an oscillation in an opposite movement of 12...查看全文

New video of the 42 RB series

Have a great start of the new year by watching our new video of the 42 RB series. This is the ultimate machine for perfect deburring, edge rounding, finishing, laser oxide removal and heavy slag removal of your product(s).     http...查看全文

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72系列:完成“卷到卷”生产线 – 干燥

我们提供 72 系列用于卷材的表面拉丝 这款机器的生产速度高达 30 m/min,最...查看全文