Laser oxide removal

Oxide skin removal sample

Timesavers offers a wide range of deburring machines that also can remove your laser oxide. Timesavers developed in the beginning of 2016 a new brush to remove the laser oxide skin from laser-cut steel.

This brush is to be used in the 42 series of Rotary brush machines combining the excellent edge rouding and deburring results of the machine with the required oxide skin removal both from the interior as well as exterior contours ot the product.
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laser oxide removal

laser oxide removal brush



RB series

The 22 RB series for deburring, edge rounding, finishing and laser oxide removal

The 22 series is the most compact dry operating machine for deburring, edge rounding,finishing, and/or laser oxide removal of various sheet metal parts. The ideal machine for companies with…




22 Series

The 22 series for dry deburring and perfect finishing

The 22 series is suitable for the dry finishing and deburring of metal. This versatile machine is available in three nominal widths: 900 mm, 1050 mm and 1280 mm.…




32 series

The 32 RB series deburring, edge rounding, laser oxide removal and finish machine

The 32 series is the compact dry operating machine for deburring, edge rounding and/or finishing of different materials. The machine has the same look as the Red Dot Award…




RB Series

The 42 RB series for deburring, finishing, edge rounding and laser oxide removal

Discover the ultimate machine for perfect deburring, edge rounding and finishing of your product(s). Read everything about Timesavers’ 42 Rotating Brush (RB) series below. This is the most popular…