Heavy slag removal

Heavy slag is produced during thermal cutting operations: oxy-fuel and plasma cutting. High definition plasma cutters and lasers should not produce enough dross to fall into this category.

Heavy slag removal with a innovative solution of Timesavers
For this application Timesavers has developed a special machine execution for the 12, 22 and the 42 series, which takes care of your heavy slag. Explore the heavy slag removal machines below, our contact us for more information.



22 Series

The 22 series for dry deburring and perfect finishing

The 22 series is suitable for the dry finishing and deburring of metal. This versatile machine is available in three nominal widths: 900 mm, 1050 mm and 1280 mm.…




32 series

The 32 RB series deburring, edge rounding, laser oxide removal and finish machine

The 32 series is the compact dry operating machine for deburring, edge rounding and/or finishing of different materials. The machine has the same look as the Red Dot Award…




RB Series

The 42 RB series for deburring, finishing, edge rounding and laser oxide removal

Discover the ultimate machine for perfect deburring, edge rounding and finishing of your product(s). Read everything about Timesavers’ 42 Rotating Brush (RB) series below. This is the most popular…