Widebelt machines from Timesavers can be built to produce a variety of finishes. The most common finish is a straight-line or grain finish for decorative purposes. These can be accomplished using abrasive belts or in some cases the desired result may require both abrasive belt and brush heads. Other purposes for finishing include preparing surfaces for paint adhesion and achieving a specific micro-inch finish.

The perfect finish with a Timesavers
In other instances the desired finish may be a random, circular or orbital scratch pattern. Timesavers offers machines for each of the above requirements and will run samples to demonstrate results on your product. Timesavers will run samples to demonstrate results on your product or your more than welcome to visit our factory in the Netherlands.

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The 81 series Timesavers solution for precision grinding

A precision grinding machine is also called a calibration machine. The 81 series is the largest Timesaver machine we offer; using a reciprocating bed, high horsepower, and manufactured in the Netherlands. This…