In this webinar we’re going to dive into the ins and outs of edge processing of various types of metal parts. We take a few parts of different shape and material, discuss what kind of edge processing is usually required for these parts, and show on our machines what technologies you can apply to get the desired final result.

Metal shops of all types and sizes usually apply a fixed set of machines and technologies in their production. Various types of cutting, punching, bending and transport handeling will do the job. Compared to these primary processes, product finishing such as surface and edge treatment are often considered as a secondary concern.

Various developments inside the sheet metal industry, but also relating to influences from outside the industry, make product finishing increasingly important. One can think of:

  • Health & safety in the production environment (cutting risk from sharp edges, work safety regulations)
  • Food safety requirements (getting rid of surfaces and edges on which bacteria can settle)
  • Further processing requirements (sharp edge, round edge, surface finish for visual effect)
  • Coating/painting requirements (round edges, no oxidation layer)
  • Cost-cutting (automation of previously manual processes)

Timesavers area sales manager and sales director, Peter & Piet will zoom in on edge rounding – from the raw product, via pre-treatment, to applying the radius. A practical introduction into the possibilities that our Timesavers machines offer.

If you would like to join the webinar on Thursday 10 december at 09:00 CET. Please register below:

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