Webinar: How to optimise the deburring, edge rounding or finishing process after sheet metal cutting?

After sheet metal is cut, it always has burrs and sharp edges. They cause concerns relating to health & safety, visual attractiveness and suitability for further processing. This leads advanced sheet metal processing companies to looking into efficient solutions for removing these burrs and producing a product that answers all finishing requirements in a controlled way.

For many companies, this deburring step is a bottleneck in the production process. They need the optimal solution that minimizes consumption of labor and consumables, reduces health & safety related issues and meets their various aesthetic and quality requirements.

If you want to know more about your options for optimising and Timesaving your process after sheet metal cutting, your most welcome to our webinar! In this webinar, we will show you the possibilities for optimal processing of different types of cut sheet metal parts. We showcase various applications on several different machines.

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This webinar will also be held in French, German and Dutch

Process optimisation with a deburring machine at WWD Metaal

Process optimisation with a deburring machine at WWD Metaal

At WWD Metaal in the past, a product that was processed in one department would sit for too long before being processed again in another department. Because the flow of work in the departments has improved, employees move on to the next product sooner, which means that more work can be generated. Waiting times are shortened and rush orders or firefighting are now a thing of the past. In the past, orders would pile up in every department and rush jobs would result in a lot of overtime.

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