New machine: Top and bottom grinder 42 TB series

This machine is the first top bottom grinder in the Timesavers range and will join the family of successful deburring machines. This ergonomic machine is a collaboration of Timesavers, the TU in Eindhoven and a design office in Amsterdam.

The top bottom grinder makes it possible to process the two sides in one pass.  The brush technology that made Timesavers famous, provides effective results in deburring and finishing. Trough extreme flexibility of the machine, its suitable for a large range of parts; the feed speed, shuttle speed, rotation speed, depth adjustment and the choice of brushes can be set independently of each other. Next to the two sides grinding it is also possible to process just one side at a time.

Due to the quick tooling exchange and the automatic calibrating adjustment no time is lost when processed mixed materials, because of this the machine can be operated 24/7.All aspects of the machine are easily accessible, which advances the user friendly usage. The intuitive PLC control, knobs and gauges makes the machine handy to operate.

Numerous additional options
In addition to the basic machine, it is possible to combine the machine with a grinding belt in front, so also parts with big burrs can be processed. The addition may also be an grinding belt after the machine, which ensures that the material will be processed with a nice finish. As an extra it is possible to opt for an automatic cleaning function.

This machine is applied with the advanced servo technology that optimizes the movement  and thereby can keep the energy and tooling consumption on a low level, which maximizes output.

The high-tech design, including the visual operandi control through LED lighting, makes the machine easy to use but can also stand a good deal through the rugged and robust exterior.

The top bottom grinder is made possible by a contribution form the European fund of the Regional Development in the context of “Op Zuid”.