Meet Carly Romeijn, Spare Parts Representatives 1

Carly has been working for Timesavers in the Spare Parts department for almost a year now. The international aspect really appealed to her. The colleagues and the varied work make her enjoy it. Making quotations, monitoring the status of orders and sending packages are part of her daily work.


Carly: “Colleagues are ready to help you whenever you have a question. In the beginning it was difficult to become familiar with the diverse range of spare parts, but I am getting the hang of it now.”


In her spare time she likes to cycle or go for a walk with her dog Spike. So that’s certainly going to work out well in these beautiful days.


The tip that Carly would give: “If you have a very full mailbox during a busy period, it is important that you remain calm. Set your priorities and work through it in an orderly fashion.”