Meet Ronin de Kam, Marketing intern

Ronin has been doing a five-month internship in the marketing department since February 2022. She has several assignments to complete her internship with a good grade. A few of her tasks are that she helps with the social media, makes advertisements and helps with making good content for the website.


Ronin: “I really like the fact that I am involved in everything. For example, I was allowed to go visit a client to see the process of how a customer testimonial is made. I also really feel that I am part of the team and that my ideas are appreciated.”


“It’s also really nice that I can plan my own time entirely with my school assignments. I try to make sure that I work on my school assignments at least one day a week. It’s also no problem if you want to work more on school once in a while.”


In her free time, Ronin loves to be at the beach and meet up with friends. She also likes to travel, especially on city trips. She would also like to take a nice and long trip to the Caribbean islands.


“My tip for other interns is to plan your time well and don’t be afraid to ask if you need more time for some assignments. It is also important that you can be yourself in the workplace and that you don’t have to pretend to be someone else”