The 71 series: a complete wet ‘coil-to-coil’ line

We offer our 71 series for finishing of sheet material rolls. The machine has a production speed of up to 30 m/min and delivers a perfectly finished end result. The 71 series has been developed to perform and the easy to operate machines work as they should: day-in, day-out, year-in and year-out. In addition to top grinders, bottom grinders can be integrated in the production line. Finishing of hot rolled sheets is also possible with this machine.

Timesavers provides advice, delivers, installs and offers backups. If required, we can deliver turnkey project that can include, for example, an alignment machine,
the coiler, coiler, a PVC-coating machine, roller tables and/or stacker. With experienced support from the design phase up to and including delivery. Examples include:
– Roller conveyors and tables.
– Automatic stacking/desctacking units.
– PVC-coating machine.
– Dust extractors for dry grinding machines.
– Water filter units for wet grinders.

Standard version:
– Centrally programmable HMI Siemens control panel.
– Wide belt grinding attachments with a fine adjustment of the contact rollers (diameter of 180 mm or 280 mm). With frequency-controlled main motors for all possible finishes.
– Scotch-Brite brush attachments with fast oscillation of up to 700 strokes per minute: frequency controlled. main motor, brush outer diameter of 350 mm, motorised height adjustment always with quick replace brush system
– Roller table construction with hardened steel counter-roller under the contact roller for finishing thin sheets as from 0.5 mm.

Applications and benefits:
– ‘Coil-to-coil’.
– Sheet after sheet both hot and cold rolled.
– No. 3 or no. 4 finish wet or dry with abrasive belt grip 120, 180 to even 240 and 320.
– Brush/Microlon finish with Scotch-Brite brushes or even with Scotch-Brite belts.
– Duplo finish, a combination of a finishing with first a grinding belt and then a Scotch-Brite brush.
– Hairline finish, a finish often required in the Far East.
– Can be purchased as a turnkey project.

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