The 42 series an alround deburring, edge rounding and finishing machine

The Timesavers 42 series is available in 900 mm, 1100 mm and 1350 mm width up to four sanding belts, or any combination of belt and brush heads. The 42 series is designed for 24/7 around the clock operation and includes automatic raise/lower of each 280 mm diameter sanding head for easy change of application or sanding capability.

The 42 series an alround deburring, edge rounding and finishing machine

The 42 series can be used for deburring punched, nibbled, sheared or laser cut parts in the sheet metal industry. And its simple controls and operation require only minutes of training for an operator to effectively process parts.

Number of heads: 1-4
Head types: drum, brush
Machine widths: 900 mm, 1100 mm and 1350 mm
Up to 2,6 KW main drive motor
1900 mm abrasive belt length
Automatic abrasive belt tracking
1-150 mm bed opening
Conveyer belt supergrip, oil and heat resistant
1-10 m/min feed speed
280 mm diameter adjustable contact drum
280 mm diameter brush

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Uses: Metal Finishing, edge rounding and deburring

– Removing burrs from laser, plasma, flame, water-jet
cut parts, punched, machined and routed parts
– Stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, copper, etc.
– Deburr zintec (standard and AF), galvanized, plated,
aluzinc, light alloy, plastic and film coated, without
coating damage, including ink marked parts
– Even, controllable edge radiussing for e.g. aerospace, catering, medical

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