41 series

The Timesavers 41 series is engineered, designed, and built for 24/7 operations. The 41 series wet is available in one to four heads in any combination of wide belt abrasive heads, disc and brush heads, and in 900 mm, 1100 mm and 1350 mm widths. Maintenance and upkeep on the 41 series machines is designed to be simple; operators can easily access both sides of the machine, which allows them the ability to spray down the entire machine at the end of the shift to extend service intervals. The 41 series is your best choice for the demanding needs of deburring and finishing in a production setting.

Number of heads: 1-4
Head types: drum, brush, disc
Machine widths: 900 mm, 1100 mm and 1350 mm
Up to 2,6 KW main drive motor
1900 mm, 2150 mm and 2620 mm abrasive belt length
Automatic abrasive belt tracking
1-80 mm” bed opening
1-10 m/min feed speed
280 mm diameter contact drum
280 mm diameter brush
Built-in coolant filter and recirculation pump
Air knife parts dryer

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Uses: metal finishing and deburring

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Compatible aggregates

41/42 RB Belt head

Wide abrasive belt for pre grinding heavy burrs from laser, punched and water jet cut parts. Also suitable for surface finishing of stainless steel, mild steel, copper, aluminum etc.…


41/42 RB Brush


Brush head for deburring, punched parts, removing the secondary burr after pre-grinding with a coated abrasive belt on laser, plasma, flame or water yet cut parts. Also suitable for…


41/42 Rotating disc

Disc head for deburring punched parts, routed and laser cut parts with a light burr, and also removing the secondary burr after pre-grinding with a coated abrasive belt on…