11 series wet

Timesavers’ deburring machines from the 11 series have been the standard in the metal industry for more than forty years. Thousands of these economically attractive deburring machines are being used worldwide for the deburring and finishing of small parts.

The 11 series machine is compact and requires a minimum of energy, and therefore the machine can be installed everywhere.
The 11 series operates wet and has an integrated product dryer and paper belt filter. The machine is easy to operate. After just a few minutes of training, a perfectly finished product can already be produced. The 11 series is delivered with a 225 mm wide conveyor belt.

Standard version:
– Automatic table height adjustment: 1 – 75 mm.
– Digital thickness reading in mm.
– Throughput of 3 – 9 m/min frequency controlled.
– CE certified.

Applications and benefits:
– Removal of vertical burrs from laser, die and water jet cut parts.
– Flat parts and parts that can be placed flat.
– Stainless steel, steel, aluminium, copper, etc.
– Rough grinding of heavy-duty burrs and finishing in one pass on multi-attachment    machines.
– Option of edge breaking/fine grinding with brush or disc.
– Optimum ease of use.

– 3,7 KW Main Drive Motor
– 225 mm Abrasive Belt Length
– Manual Abrasive Belt Tracking
– 1-75 mm Bed Opening
– 3-9 m/min Feed Speed  frequency controlled
– 80 mm Diameter Contact drum
– Suitable  for  ginding belt length 1525 mm
– Built-in Coolant Filter and Recirculation Pump
– Air Knife Parts Dryer

Management of all Timesavers machines is ergonomic and intuitive. The 11 series are perfect examples of this. Please feel free to ask for more information.

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