11 series wet

The Timesavers 11 series machines have a 225 mm wide conveyor belt and have been an industry standard for over forty years. Thousands of these simple and economical machines are currently in the field deburring and finishing small parts.

The combination of a small footprint and a minimal power requirement allow this model to easily be placed where the need is greatest. Simple operation and controls require only minutes of training for an operator to effectively produce finished parts.

3,7 KW Main Drive Motor
225 mm Abrasive Belt Length
Manual Abrasive Belt Tracking
1-75 mm Bed Opening
3-9 m/min Feed Speed  frequency controlled
80 mm Diameter Contact drum
Suitable  for  ginding belt length 1525 mm
Built-in Coolant Filter and Recirculation Pump
Air Knife Parts Dryer
Contact Timesavers for custom features and options
Uses: metal finishing and deburring

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Compatible aggregates

11/12 225 Contact roller

Wide abrasive belt for pre grinding heavy burrs from laser, punched and water jet cut parts. Also suitable for surface finishing of stainless steel, mild steel, copper, aluminum etc.…


11/12 225 Brush

Brush head for deburring  punched parts , removing the secondary burr after pre-grinding with a coated abrasive belt on laser , plasma, flame or water yet cut parts. Also…


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