Timesavers Update Covid-19

Dear relation,

At the moment we are all dealing with the spread, consequences and measures concerning the Corona Virus. We as Timesavers also feel it is our duty to contribute to this. For the safety of us, but also for you.

We have therefore taken several measures within our organisation that have an impact on the way we work « to be determined » until 6 april:

Availability of our service:
Currently, we are not able to travel which prevents us from providing on-site service, all preventive (maintenance) visits will be postponed. Commissioning will be agreed in mutual consultation, with due observance of the foregoing.
We can offer instead a (video) call with service employees.

Who to contact:
Jan Baaijens or Dennis Nuhaan
T: +31113 238950

Availability of spare parts and/or tooling:
As usual, we can process your request by telephone or e-mail. At the moment it is difficult to predict which parts will be available in what period of time. Of course, we will do our best to help you as best we can.

Who to contact:
Marcel Steenbakker T: +31 113 238954
Peter Reekers T: +31 113 238958

Availability of the sales department:
Apart from the fact that we won’t be participating in exhibitions in the coming months, our area sales managers will not make any more visits to your company « until the set date ». Also planned visits of you to our company will be postponed until the set date of 6 April.

What can we offer instead?
– You could experience the testing of your materials in our showroom by (live) video. The test materials could be sent to us by post.
– Advice calls to answer any questions you may have.
– E-mail contact to share machine information, requested quotations, etcetera.
– We will organize online possibilities to share our knowledge with you.

Who to contact:
Piet Kooman Sales Director
T: +31638822301 E:
Peter de Regt Area manager Benelux, France, Spain, Portugal
T: +31638822312 E:
Ronald Raats Area manager Germany, Austria, Swiss, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark
T: +31638822311 E:
Wim van Dalen Area manager East Europe, Turkey, UK, Ireland.
T: +31638822313 E:
Oscar Salet Area manager China, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand.
T: +31638822315 E:
Pascal Depondt Area manager Asia
T: +31638822314 E:

Availability of our production:
Production will continue with limited possibilities. We will have to deal creatively with the possible capacity of staff, parts and supplies from suppliers. In case you have ordered a machine we will keep you updated once a week about the status.

For any questions about our production and logistics please contact:
Arjo Zandee or Dennis Simons
T: + 31113 238909 E:

We ask and trust your understanding and hope that with these measures we have done the best we can to make a proper contribution to limiting the further spread of the Coronavirus.