Discover Timesavers deburring, edge rounding and finishing machines in the online showroom!

This online showroom is made to inform customers of our latest innovations and to introduce our 22 series WRBW during these special times. This online showroom is for Timesavers a tool to meet potential and existing customers during the orientation phase towards a solution for efficient sheet metal processing while avoiding physical contact.

Timesavers will be presenting its complete product range in the online showroom and is proud to show its latest development, the 22 series 600 WRBW. This compact 600 mm wide machine contains all the impressive technological and mechanical developments that have proven themselves in the larger 32 and 42 series deburring machines, such as a uniform and even result, even wear of the tooling, high production capacity, and industry 4.0 functionalities. The 22 series WRBW is now the most compact rotary brushing machine with premium Timesavers deburring, rounding, and finishing results.

This machine enables customers with smaller production demands and associated budgets to perfectly deburr and round parts. It, therefore, completes the Timesavers RB range: premium deburring and rounding at every budget and capacity. The 22 series WRBW has all the features that make the 32 and 42 series machines so attractive.

In addition to this new machine, we will of course also be presenting our other successful and versatile machine, the rotary brush machine 42 series WWRBW. This machine is able to deburr, edge round up to 2 mm radius, finish and remove laser oxide in one pass with a working width of 1350 and 1600 mm. The 42 series HWRB falls into the same category and, in addition to the aforementioned applications, is also able to remove heavy slag on plasma or flame cut parts with the Hammerhead. Moreover, the compact and versatile 32 series WRBW for deburring, edge rounding and finishing of parts up to 1050 mm will be presented.  The 12 series WB for efficient deburring and finishing and the 10 series Manual Grinder for the deburring, edge rounding, finishing and laser oxide or heavy slag removal of small batches will also be available to experience online.