Becoming a dealer

Timesavers has over seventy years of experience in manufacturing sanding machinery. Our metal sanders and deburring machines are built with your needs in mind. We know different applications require different approaches, and nobody offers a wider variety of solutions than Timesavers.

Are you looking to offer our solutions to your customers? Timesavers dealers are supported with sales and marketing programs including an international network of sales representatives, marketing and sales brochures, print and online catalogs and international public relations. Submit your information below and we’ll be happy to contact you and discuss the possibilities.

We would like to receive the following information from your company:
– Years in business
– How many sales people on staff
– How many field technicians  on staff
– Experience in industry
– Experience with competing products:
– what geographical area(s) do you service?

Thank you in advance for your interest in becoming Timesavers international dealer! Contact Timesavers