Rotating disc

22 Rotating disc

Disc head for deburring punched parts, routed and laser cut parts with a light burr, and also removing the secondary burr after pre-grinding with a coated abrasive belt on laser cut parts with a heavy burr or plasma cut parts. The disc head will “break“ the edge of the parts by encountering the edge at all angles between 0-90°. Due to this the burr is uniformly removed from around the part. The single disc provides an even wear of the abrasive media and creates a long “dwell” time .

Different media can be used on the disc head, a Scotch-Brite pad, mounted under the disc with a hook and look system, is available in different grits for different applications. An abrasive flap disc brush is used for a bigger radius.  Parts with protrusion need a brush with abrasive impregnated filaments.

A quick lock system is build in the machine to change between the hook and loop and other tooling.