RB Rotating
Rotation brush aggregate

42 RB Rotating brush

Rotating carousel with 8 abrasive flap brushes; 4 rotating clockwise and 4 rotating counter-clockwise for uniformly deburring and rounding edges of laser plasma cut, punched and machined parts in all directions. Processing different work piece thicknesses simultaneously (up to 5 mm difference) in one single, simple set-up. Flat parts, but also parts with protrusions and surface forms on the top and/or bottom faces of the part. Small parts from 50 mm upwards held by the standard vacuum table.

An overview of Timesavers originals 42 RB series brushes:

Click here for the Timesavers original brush overview of the 42 RB series in pdf

Brush overview 42 RB series

Brush overview 42 RB series