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Below an overview of a selection of press releases and media reports about Timesavers.


The story of Keller Blechtechnik GmbH about the 42 Rotation Brush series

Keller Blechtechnik has recently bought a 42 RB series. The company is extremely satisfied with the machine and described their experiences with the machine on their website. They concluded that with the use of an 42 RB series they could save 50% of their time when deburring, rounding and finishing.

Read here more about the experiences of Keller Belchtechnik with their 42 RB series.



RT Lasertechnik bought a
Timesavers 42 RB Series, this is why!

Westphalia-based laser specialist RT Lasertechnik from Rheda-Wiedenbrück found a solution at the Dutch machine manufacturer Timesavers. Burr-free welding assemblies with rounded edges are now the standard at the producer of complex components made from steel, aluminium or stainless steel.

The managers of the eastern Westphalia-based contract manufacturer RT-Lasertechnik GmbH long considered their options of how to supplement their machine park in Rheda-Wiedenbrück sensibly. A machine for deburring and cleaning finished components and complex sheet assemblies had been on the list of useful investments for a long time. But one reason for the delayed willingness to make the purchase was that the customer was for a long time not ready to honour cleanly ground sheets and rounded sheet edges accordingly. But after the new version of EN 1090, something changed crucially in this context. Read more

A rounded finish – ISMR 2016

Timesavers, deburring, robotTimesavers’ Managing Director Paul Hartendorp demonstrated the company’s latest innovations to ISMR at the EuroBLECH 2016.


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The Krones Group: specialized on sheet metal working

Timesavers, the Krones GroupThe Krones Group, a producer of complete machine lines for the fields of process, filling and packaging technology, is a user of a Timesavers 42RB series machine. We visited them in Neutraubling, Germany.


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Deburring, the Finishing Touch of Accurate Machining – Microniek, August 2016

Timesavers, 42 series RB insideBurrs: manufacturers of precision machining equipment usually deny their existence. But even laser machining, wire erosion and precision punching cause burrs. Timesavers International in Goes, the Netherlands, is specialised in such deburring equipment, achieving rounding-off radii from nearly 0 to 2 mm.

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