10 series Manual Grinder

The 10 series, also called the Manual Grinder, is the cost-effective alternative to conventional grinding and deburring. Its head consists of a grinding wheel and a flap brush is tiltable about 180˚. This makes it possible to the change between the aggregates easily.

The Manual Grinder is the perfect entery model of Timesavers
By the weight-bearing outsourced arm of the head can be easily moved over the work piece. With as result an uniformly rounded edge. Thanks to the anti slip mat small parts can be processed effortless.

Number of heads: 1
Head types: disc/cup
Work table: 1300 x 800 mm (960 mm working height)
With or without vacuum area: 300 x 250 mm
230 Volt / 1 kW / 4 A abrasive drive motor
150 mm diameter abrasive disc
Turnable grinding head 180 °
63,5 mm maximum part thickness

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Uses: metal finishing and deburring

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